See It, Scan it, Buy It ™

Ever see an ad and think, “I need to remember to get that the next time I’m at the store?”

Perhaps you are out with a friend who has a new product and you think “I need to look into that when I get home.”

Or maybe you are at home and you start running out of a product that you have been using for years and think “I really need to get more of this soon.”

The Alana System is designed to allow you to act when you see or think of something.  You simply scan the Alana Enabled™ product or advertisement, and be taken directly to that specific product’s shopping cart, offered directly from the brand.  When you realize you want something, you can simply order it and have it sent to you directly from the brand.

The nice thing is, you don’t need a proprietary app to scan our Alana Enabled codes.  If you have a smart phone that is running the latest versions of iOS or Android, you can simply point your camera and be taken directly to the specific item that you want and buy it securely in a minimal number of clicks.  It really is that simple.