Alana: Enabling Ecommerce

Discover why so many brands rely on Alana to enhance their DTC offering, optimize sales, and help drive sustainable growth.

For vetted third party apps, Alana, through our open API and SDK represents a fresh avenue for app monetization, empowering users to directly acquire desired products from trustworthy sources, distinct from a conventional ad platform.


Let us drive your growth

We offer a flexible solution no matter the company size or sector. Instead of a complex system, our platform simplifies your DTC offering to allow consumers to make purchases in seconds in a safe and repeatable manner.

No competitors are ever introduced

Get verified granular customer data

Customer data is never sold or shared with any third parties

Integrates with major CRM and inventory tracking systems

Enhance your business and increase sales

All we do is take consumers, regardless of where they are, and take them from your product or ad, to the point of purchase on your website.

A partner not a supplier

We're building sustainable partnerships with some of the world’s most innovative companies and we’d like to do the same with you.

Our partner package

We want to help you help your business. As an Alana Partner, you’ll be entitled to a range of benefits:

Exclusive networking and training opportunities

24/7 in-house support

Advanced information on enhancements

Access to pilot programs

Participate in research activities to share your needs

Priority access to escalation procedures

Updates on regulative, legislative, and industry changes

A dedicated Partnership Manager