A former Chamberlain of Japan, Saionji-san has over 30 years of experience introducing foreign technologies and companies into the Japanese market.  A long trusted advisor to C Level executives in Japan, Saionji-san has mentored and consulted numerous companies from startups to large multinationals on doing effective business in Japan.

Roland Jesske – Senior Strategic Advisor

With over 20 years of experience at Deutsche Telekom, Roland is currently in charge of the Overarching Design for Voice & Messaging Platforms at Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH in Darmstadt.  Prior to this, Roland was the Senior Expert for Network-Functions, Interfaces and Protocols at DT.

James Winterbottom – Technical Advisor (

With over 25 years of experience, James is considered to be one of the preeminent authorities on emergency and location based services.  James has authored numerous Internet Standards used today to offer IP based emergency services, and currently serves as the chief architect for Deveryware’s Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps project out of Gwynneville, New South Wales, Australia.

Christer Holmberg – Technical Advisor (

A Senior Researcher & Innovation Coach at LM Ericsson in Helsinki, Christer has been an active member of the IETF for close to 20 years.  Christer is credited with over 30 Internet Standards, many of which are used today by carriers to be able to offer IP based voice services (VoIP).

Denis Alexeitsev – Technical Advisor (

Fluent in Russian, German and English, Denis brings 20 years of telecom networking experience, most of it with Deutsche Telekom working on the NGNs as well as special projects such as the IPv6 introduction program at T-Mobile international.

Costas Samdanis – Strategic Advisor (

Currently a Senior Standardization Specialist at Nokia specializing in Service Based Architecture & Network Automation in 5G Cores, Costas has numerous patents for resource management in cellular communication networks and related fields.  A graduate of King’s College London with a PhD in Mobile Communications, Costas is fluent in Greek, English and German.